Sheffield city centre saw hundreds of people gather for the Enough is Enough demonstration last Saturday.

The rally, which was one of many demonstrations that took place across the country on Saturday, 1 October, was in protest to rising energy prices and the cost of living crisis.

Martin Maier, from Sheffield Trades Union Council said: “They’re wrecking this economy, they’re wrecking people’s lives and they’re making us pay for it.

“We’re saying ‘enough is enough’, We’re not going to stand for it.”

The rally gathered on Devonshire Green ahead of the march through the city centre, via The Moor, which ended outside of Sheffield City Hall.

Protesters were heard cheering as Union leaders spoke about the energy crisis, unfair pay and tax cuts for the rich.

Martin Maier told the crowd: “They’re trying to hold our wages and say ‘workers are to blame for this crisis’, when we all know it’s the rich that’s causing this crisis. It’s profiteering that’s causing this crisis.”

National protests were organised to align with the day that the energy cap rose from £1,971 to £2,500 a year. 

The rally also took place at the end of the week in which Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget was announced. 

The budget, which included plans to scrap a 45p tax rate for the highest earning individuals, put a worrying strain on mortgage holders after sparking predictions that interest rates could rise to six per cent by next year.

This has since been retracted. 

Enough is enough was formed by trade unions and community organisations in protest to rising energy prices.

Words by Madelynne Flack, Video by Maddy Burgess.