A Sheffield father-of-two broke his restraining order and called a Boots security guard a racial slur, a court heard.

Jack Parkin, 31, was under the influence of illegal substances when he verbally assaulted a Boots security guard, after he was refused entry into the shop, which he had been banned from previously.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Parkin spat in front of the guard’s feet and called him a racial slur.

Prosecuting, Sarah Hopkinson, told the court Parkin had also breached a restraining order, set by the court after an assault on his ex-girlfriend in November 2021.

The court heard Parkin was intoxicated when he followed his ex-partner to her car, where she then called the police. This came after she attempted to stay away from him multiple times at a Sheffield art display, on 10 March 2022.

Defending, Ian West, said the defendant had been struggling with legal and illegal substance abuse since the age of 14.

Mr West told the court the death of Parkin’s mother, and having two daughters he isn’t allowed to see has made him the person he is today.

He adds: “The defendant has been getting treatment for his mental health problems in the last couple of months and wants to come clean and start over.”

Judge Rachael Harrison said: “This sentence I will give out is to protect your ex-partner from you. Because of the seriousness of these cases and your complete disregard of the court’s orders I will send you into immediate custody.

“You are not only a threat to your former partner but also a serious high risk to members of the public.”

Parkin was sentenced to one year and seven weeks in prison, followed by bail for 12 months.