Owners of Doncaster airport have announced that the airport will close later this year; this comes after no ‘tangible proposals’ were put forward to save the airport.

According to Regional Mayor Oliver Coppard, 800 workers will lose their jobs and another 2,500 workers will be affected by the closure.

Despite major job losses, Doncaster locals also find it ‘disappointing’ that efforts to save the airport have failed, due to inconveniences in future travel.

Tiffany Colthorpe, 27, said: “Me and my family we have booked tickets from Doncaster airport. If we have a short trip, we always go with Doncaster airport. 

“So it will be a shame now we have to look for alternative airports. ” 

Guru Singh, 39, sales representative said: “It is very disappointing to hear the news, nearby there is no airport. I think we should have our own airport.”

Sara Canning, 44, said: “For disabled people, around here, that’s the most convenient transport they can use to get to other places, if the airport is closed, it will be a huge cost for them to get to Manchester airport.”

GMB Union, an organisation interested in campaigning for all workers affected, have organised an online protest, with the aim of saving the airport.

Sarah Barnes, the organiser, said: “More than 104,000 people signed a petition to save the airport.”