A former police officer called South Yorkshire Police a ‘disgrace’ after him and his daughter were injured at a Sheffield United v Birmingham City game on 1 October.

Nick Glynn, Birmingham City fan and a former police officer with Leicestershire police, posted a video on twitter after the game with the caption: “What a disgrace. The ONLY disorder today was CAUSED by the police.

“Disgusting. They have obviously learned NOTHING from Hillsborough. Creating bottlenecks and danger.”

Mr Glynn took to social media to post photos of his and his daughter’s injuries, which included a grazed knee. He said:

“I have ended up thrown on the floor. I have had my hoodie ripped off by the police.

“My daughter has got an injured knee. She has banged her head on the floor as she was pushed by the police. And for what? What an absolute disgrace.”

Daughter’s injury 

After the 12th round of the EFL Championship, Sheffield United drew 1-1 with Birmingham City. After the match, there were clashes between home fans and away fans in Sheffield, London Rd.

South Yorkshire Police say they are still investigating these accusations at this point in time.

Chief Superintendent Simon Wanless said: “We are aware of footage circulating of our response to the disorder at yesterday’s match between Sheffield United and Birmingham FC.”