The long awaited Sheffield Clean Air Zone will finally launch in Spring 2023, after being pushed back twice since 2018.

The Clean Air Zone (CAZ) will charge the most polluting and large goods vehicles, such as; vans, busses and taxis that enter the inner ring road – but private cars and motorbikes won’t be charged.

In an interview earlier this year Cllr Douglas Johnson, of the City ward, said: “The idea of the Clean Air Zone is to, first of all, unlock millions in housing grants to allow taxis and van drivers’ vehicles to switch to cleaner ones, but also to levy a charge for driving in this zone.

“So, it’s a further incentive for people to make a transition to cleaner vehicles or, even better, to think of alternative ways of travelling. The scope of this is about reducing the amount of unnecessary car trips or vehicle trips.

“So, whether that’s getting people to walk or cycle; getting them to get the bus or tram or just thinking about whether car journeys are really necessary. When they are they need to be catered for, but the more people we can get out of cars travelling along a bus route and on busses that’s better for everyone both in the cars and out of them.”

Financial help will be available for those affected by the CAZ and those who need to transition to cleaner vehicles; information on this will be released in the next few months.