Doncaster Council and FCC Environment have partnered up with Yorkshire Bike Shack to help people in the community maintain gain access to good quality bikes, that would have otherwise been recycled.

The Yorkshire Bike Shack are a small team who train people on up-keeping their bikes, provide workshops, activities and repairs for the community. This new addition to the scheme will allow the Shack team to give people the bikes they have trained on, free of charge.

Julian Pike, Principal Director at Yorkshire Bike Shack said: “We have a lot of problems with the environment such as pollution, as well as health issues. Doncaster is one of the most deprived areas in the north and people who are unable to exercise enough causes long term health conditions. 

“Cycling has been proven to help with your joints, BMI and weight. It helps mental health too, getting out into the open gives people a sense of wellbeing,”

After starting up only last year, the Yorkshire Bike Shack are already making a difference, with their ‘Learn to fix’ workshops, and pop up Dr Bike clinics helping disadvantaged children in the area. They’ve also received funding from The National Lottery to work with refugees in the Doncaster area, as well as funding from Sport England to help families in Edlington. 

“There are a lot of people who are struggling at the moment, whether it be financially or health wise. I get a sense of happiness when people come to me and thank me for what we’re doing. I get some lovely stories from people who turned their life around. For them to have something they normally wouldn’t be able to afford makes me feel as if I’m positively contributing to the area.” Julian continues.

The Shack helps a lot of children and young people get back on their bikes by running after school clubs, which means a lot to local families who can now go on bike rides together.

So far they have gifted 42 adult and 12 children’s bikes this year.

Cllr Mark Houlbrook, Doncaster Council’s Portfolio Holder for Sustainability and Waste, added, “This initiative is a fantastic opportunity to recycle bicycles for use by residents and groups. Great for the environment and will help people to become more active and healthier whilst at the same being cost effective with family finances.”