A variety of Sheffield-made short films were showcased in a celebratory event at the Sheffield University Drama Studio, as part of the Sensoria Festival in September.

Under the name Sheffield Shorts, this part of the Sensoria music festival was a way for locals to support and celebrate the city’s own independent filmmakers.

A few of the brilliant shorts picked for the showcase were: ‘Angel of the North’ by Joe Willis and Thomas Hetherington, ‘Grief is a Shapeshifter’ by Outsidefilm, and ‘Institution’ by Cole Morris.

Filmmaker, Joe Willis, said: “It was an excellent opportunity with our project to show the beauty of the landscape and have an audience who get to see their city reflected in this light.

“Also as a lot of the work done in film is either never seen or is in other cities, it’s hard to show relatives, friends and so it was wonderful to get to share the experience with those who have always supported us.”

The festival, which was named after a track by Sheffield synth pioneers, Cabaret Voltaire, returned this year featuring music, photographs and visuals that encapsulated the creatives in motion.

Sheffield City Council funded the project by partnering with art providers in Sheffield’s creative and cultural sector.

Mr Willis adds: “Any creativity when you make it a career is tough and so whatever you’re doing, whoever you are, when the going gets tough and the work is struggling, just know ‘you are enough’. You may need to learn new skills and develop your craft but you, yourself are always enough.”