Ukrainian refugees in Sheffield are at risk of homelessness, as the cost of living crisis leaves homeowners worried about rising prices.

After Russias invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, refugees from the war have been offered asylum in the UK under sponsorships and family schemes, such as Homes for Ukraine.

Hosts are given a monthly ‘thank you’ payment of £350 from their local council, in an effort to house Ukrainians displaced from the war.

However, due to the cost of living crisis and rising energy prices, as well as an end to the initial six-month host period closing in, many refugees across the UK risk loosing their new home.

Stuart Crosthwaite, from the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) has said: “The Homes For Ukraine scheme has been problematic in conception and delivery. While Ukrainian refugees have been able to come to the UK without many of the barriers other refugees face, the Homes For Ukraine scheme has not provided the government support required, passing responsibility to private individuals and families in the UK.

“The scheme is short term, underfunded and doesn’t begin to provide the advice, support and information to enable sponsors to address the complex issues facing newly-arrived refugees. There have also been safeguarding issues with inadequate oversight and checks on the suitability of sponsors, however well-intentioned they are.

“The fact that Ukrainian refugees are facing homelessness in our city of sanctuary is an indication of the failure of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

“I believe it’s also another example of this government’s unwillingness to act on its responsibilities to refugees or fulfil its obligations to the 1951 Refugee Convention.”

If you’re interested in registering your interest for the Homes for Ukraine scheme, you can find more information here.