Eddie Izzard has appeared on a list of six names for potential candidates to represent Labour, for the Sheffield Central constituency seat at the next general election.

Ms Izzard launched her campaign to become Sheffield’s next Labour candidate earlier this month, but was placed onto the official Labour party long-list on Tuesday, 25 October this week.

On the 11 October, appearing in a campaign video on her Twitter account, Ms. Izzard said: “I’m standing to be the next Labour MP for Sheffield Central, to support the city that supported me, to take the fight to the Tories, and to get Keir Starmer into No.10”.

Ms Izzard is well placed to appear on the ballot as the labour representative for Sheffield Central come the next general election. She has been a member of the Labour party since 1995 and in 2017 served on the Labour National Executive Committee.

Speaking on the same video, Ms Izzard said: “This next challenge is the most important challenge of my life, Sheffield has a proud history showing grit and determination in overcoming adversity”.

The long-list of names was produced due to Paul Blomfield’s announcement in February that he would be retiring as Sheffield Central’s Labour MP. Mr. Blomfield had successfully held a majority exceeding 27,000 votes for the seat at the last two general elections.

Speaking again on Twitter, Ms Izzard said:  “I believe I am the right person to build on Paul Blomfield’s tireless work for this city. Labour ideals of equality and fairness have always been at the core of my life”.

See the most up to date Labour long-list of candidates for the Sheffield Central seat here.