Doncaster airport was voted the best in the UK by holiday goers, while the airports final departure leaves locals “gutted” and “angry.”

The final flight departing from Doncaster Sheffield Airport took off at 22:55 BST on Saturday for Katowice in Poland. While arrivals are still coming in, if the closure goes ahead, that will have been the last plane to leave.

This comes after the airport was voted the UK’s best by travellers. The new research by Which? asked 7,000 travellers about their flying experiences in UK airports between July 2020 and July 2022.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport came out on top, as it has done for the past four years, which makes it even more devastating that the airport is being threatened with closure.

Joy Allen, a Doncaster resident who uses the airport, said: “I’m absolutely gutted that it could close. I’m not surprised it was voted the top airport at all. The staff and the whole experience is always first class.”

Another airport user, Veronica Dobson, said: “I’m gutted and angry. It was a wonderful airport that should not be closing. It has the potential to be very profitable. If Peel does the right thing just maybe it will be.”

A report by Which? calls Doncaster Sheffield airport the “highest rated airport in the UK.”

The report continues: “Shortly after we published this research, it was forced to close. We have now removed Doncaster Sheffield from the table.”

Linda Cooper was on a TUI flight, returning to Doncaster Sheffield Airport on Saturday, when the onboard crew said it was their last flight into the airport.

Mrs Cooper told the Echo: “The pilot made an announcement saying how gutted he and his crew were to see the airport closing, especially after winning airport of the year for four years running. Some of the crew had been flying in and out of Doncaster for 17 years. Passengers gave a round of applause for the crew and airport, more than a few had tears in their eyes.

“My husband has trouble walking and we used assistance provided by the airport. All of the staff were amazing. I can’t see us travelling as much as going to Manchester or even East Midlands would be too much for my husband.

“My daughter and granddaughters flew back into Doncaster on Wednesday and she said she was feeling emotional on her flight. I’m sure it’s going to be missed by many.”

Photo Credit: Jack Rawlin