Sheffield City Council will consider breathing new life into the old Adelphi Cinema building in Attercliffe, in the following week.

It’s been nine years since the Adelphi Cinema building was occupied last, and even more since it was actually used as a cinema.

Now, Sheffield City Council is thinking about purchasing and refurbishing the building, with Levelling Up funding at the Finance Sub-Committee on 7 November.

The grade two landmark property is part of an ambitious plan to re-transform parts of the Attercliffe neighbourhood into community spaces.

Cllr Julie Grocutt, Co-Chair of the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee, said: “For a long time residents and those working in Attercliffe have lost pride in the area and its sense of community has declined. 

“I’m certain the transformation of the former Adelphi Cinema into a community space which promotes culture and improves residents’ quality of life and wellbeing would be a welcomed step in the right direction. “

While a considerable amount of work and funding will be necessary to restore the building to its former glory, the final product aims to create a quick turnaround for the entire area.

The council want to strengthen the sense of community, improve the lives and well-being of residents and build a more welcoming environment.

More connectivity is also one of the top priorities for the future of Attercliffe, with new connections, a new cycle hub and improvements to streets to make them more welcoming.

The council was able to obtain the funding for these projects last year in October when the city received more than £37m, after their successful bidding at Levelling Up.

Cllr Grocutt adds: “As a Council, we are committed to changing perceptions of Attercliffe and injecting new life and a sense of pride back into the area. I look forward to seeing positive changes for Attercliffe.”