South Yorkshire Police officers join nationwide campaign in an effort to treat knife crime in Sheffield more seriously.

Operation Sceptre will focus on raising awareness of knife crime and increasing police activity in its return to South Yorkshire this week.

In order to reassure young people that they are safer without carrying knives, Operation Sceptre focuses on targeted operations, interaction, and education. It will be running from 14 November to 20 November. 

It follows a recent wave of knife crime in Sheffield, including the death of Reece Radford and Saira Ali, who both died as a result of knife crime.

Sheffield locals have said: “Knife crime is terrible in Sheffield and I wouldn’t want to bring my son up in certain areas.

“Stabbings and knife crimes in Sheffield are on the rise again. Wonder if enough is done?”

Detective Superintendent, David Cowley, said: “Over the year, we take part in two delicate weeks for Op Sceptre.

“Although these are focused weeks to highlight the issues, I want to assure you that this work continues every day throughout the year.

“We have dedicated teams across South Yorkshire that look to disrupt knife crime.”

Multiple knife-related incidents have been seen in Sheffield, after the knife crime campaign ended in March this year, with multiple stabbings reported to the police since.

“Throughout the week we will be taking part in targeted operations to disrupt criminal activity and we’ll be raising awareness of knife crime and the devastating effects it can have on families and the wider community.

“Legislation has changed. Whilst it had always been an offence to carry a bladed article in public, it is now an offence to possess certain articles such as knuckle dusters, throwing stars and zombie knives even in private.” Detective Cowley continues.

Drop The Knife Poster

South Yorkshire Police are calling anyone that knows anything about these crimes to report it at: