The Blow the Whistle team appeared on BBC Radio Sheffield during today’s mid morning show, to talk about the campaign, the fundraiser and their success so far.

Campaign Lead Stanley Willey and Editor Madelynne Flack, sat down with Paulette Edward’s at 11am and talked about domestic violence and it’s link to the World Cup.

“It’s an awful link to think about,” began Paulette, “between sport, especially big campaigns like this and domestic violence.”

“What we’ve seen with the last World Cup is that statistics within South Yorkshire rose, going up 1488%. For us it’s very clear that when these football tournaments happen and they are watched in the home at a time of a lot of alcohol consumption, it escalates everything and it definitely does have an impact,” explained Stanley, when asked to explain what Blow the Whistle is all about.

The two then went on to explain to the listeners how vital the work done by the YWCA is and how the fundraiser will make a huge difference. You can read more about the charity and what they do here.

“They reach so many people and they help so many people,” said Stanley.

When asked why the Blow the Whistle team wanted to run this campaign, Editor Flack said: “We wanted to do it because in the run up to the World Cup, now is a better time than ever to raise awareness of such an important issue and I feel like people need to talk about it more, why it’s happening and how we can prevent it.”

To listen to the full interview head to BBC Radio Sounds.