The charity Women’s Aid have launched a powerful new advertisement and campaign called ‘He’s Coming Home.’

Like Blow the Whistle, the campaign aims to fight football related domestic abuse, particularly during big tournaments such as the Qatar World Cup.

In an Instagram post, the charity wrote: “Football doesn’t cause domestic abuse but abuse can become more severe during games such as the World Cup, leaving women filled with fear when they hear the dreaded sound of the key turning in the door as they realise #He’sComingHome.”

Women’s Aid are urging people to share the post so that survivors know where they can get help. They also shared some harrowing statistics; domestic violence incidents rise by 38% during major football tournaments, particularly as dark nights encourage more people to stay home to watch the games.

House337, the company that launched the campaign alongside Women’s Aid, said: “There is a darker side of these football festivities that many people can be unaware of. When emotions are running high, it can have a direct effect on women and children living with domestic abuse.

“Our campaign aims to reassure these women that they are not alone and reminds us that, if we can all come together as a nation to support a football team, we can also come together to tackle domestic abuse.”

You can find more information about Women’s Aid here.